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 Catching data harvesters, not just email
Author: S.Sanu   (29 Dec 15 1:07am)
I am launching a new website with a database with a lot of painstakingly collected data. I don't want this to be crawled and scraped though I do want legitimate crawlers like Google.

It seems like waiting for the email to be spammed could take a long time and they would collect a lot of data from the site. Is there any pro-active way to block. Using currently blocked IPs may not work either. I am looking for honey-trap solutions that lead to hidden pages e.g. that can then be automatically IP detected and the spider blocked instantly. Do this project help in that. Sorry, I'm a newbie here ...

 Re: Catching data harvesters, not just email
Author: E.Geier   (5 Jan 16 9:53am)
Try out the HTTP Blacklist (
In addition, check out these CDN services:

do not follow this link

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