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Author: H.Nerd   (17 Dec 15 11:09pm)
I am working from a while to find something meaningful or updated about QEBEK, but what i got is here in two links Intro and KYT Paper for Installation 2010 . These links are nothing more that a formal introduction and a very old installation guide which is not working now. I am wondering to know, what happen with QEBEK, its about 5 year of KYT paper, no release of paper or documentation and wiki for QEBEK.

According to KYT paper it was the only open sourced solution of HI honeypot monitoring tool. I am very new in this field, May be I am missing something, I would be greatly thankful you can put some light on this or If there is any opensource alternative of QEBEK? I know about my communication skills, so please pardon me if its cumbersome for you to understand my question.

I have also posted this question on , waiting for reply.

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