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 my honeypots and new host
Author: M.Watson   (5 Dec 15 1:12am)
I had totally forgotten that this mod used IP addresses vs site links and when we moved from the previous host to the new one I did nothing here to reflect that.

Where do I enter my new IP addresses so that the honeypot can go back to securing things.

Or what should I do, create new ones?

When I moved all I did was upload all the files to the sites to our dedicated server at new host.

I hope I get a notification if anyone answers this.

Have a Happy Holiday and thanks in advance.
 Re: my honeypots and new host
Author: H.User1325   (5 Dec 15 9:16am)
Your honeypots are just fine. If you go to Home -> Manage Honey Pots you will see that your honeypot(s) are assigned to a website/domain. The web DNS tables will take care of your change in IP address assigned to your domain.

If on the other hand you are talking about an anti-spam / spam blocking mod, those are concerned with the IP address of the source of the spam, the attacker not the "attackiee"

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