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 Sending known spammers to a honeypot page
Author: D.Hoffman   (22 Jun 15 2:13pm)
I have been using project honeypot links on all my web pages for several years

I have several php forms on my web site that email me information after the form has been filled in

Once in a while I get spammers entering stuff into some of the fields that alerts me that someone is messing around with my forms.

I keep track of these ip's and my forms check to see if that ip is on the spammer list first before displaying the real page

If the ip is on my list, I send them to a 404 page and the php program exits

My question is this
Can I send them to the honeypot page .php that is linked at the bottom of all my web pages?

I want to bait the know abusers of my forms and get them logged into the honeypot database.

Thanks for you help

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