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 Suspect IP spoofing or virus/malware; Can't prove either to my own satisfaction.
Author: H.White2   (24 May 15 10:24pm)
All websites hosted by CloudFlare show me a "One More Step" page with a "prove you're human" challenge. A little googling led me to Project Honeypot's IP Inspector at (Great tool, by the way.) Apparently, some suspiscious emails were sent marked with this IP address as the alledged source.

Virus scans with ClamWin and Microsoft Safety Scanner revealed nothing. I'd run BotHunter, but I can't seem to find the windows version of it. (The official BotHunter downloads page just has ads for trial versions of paid software that build upon BotHunter.) What anti-spyware/anti-malware should I be throwing at this? What would you non-newbies use in this situation?

Apparently as a user of this IP address, I can request to be whitelisted. However, I don't feel comfortable doing that until I fully understand why my IP address was blocked in the first place. Is it true that this could be caused by somebody spoofing my IP address? If so, how can I prove it?

I tweaked a few settings on my router to increase security, just in case (disabling the PIN, turning off UPnP, changing the wireless password, that kind of thing.) If this somehow does stop the spam, how long will it be before we know it's stopped?

Exactly to what extent should I be concerned about this? Would I be held liable for the spammer's actions if I can't prove it was IP spoofing? Should I treat all the files on my computer as potentially infected? Or is this one of those attacks that sounds worse than it actually is?

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 Re: Suspect IP spoofing or virus/malware; Can't prove either to my own satisfaction.
Author: H.User1325   (25 May 15 11:23am)
Another look-up took is on your home page. Login to PHP, on you home page, top left corner enter your IP address. There you should see examples of the comment spam "you" /your IP has been reported as sending.
 Re: Suspect IP spoofing or virus/malware; Can't prove either to my own satisfaction.
Author: H.White2   (25 May 15 11:57am)
Yep. Same results, either way. But of course, I hadn't joined PHP yet back then and didn't know anything about this site.

What should I actually do about it?

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