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 Capcha page appears on most of the sites I try to acces, I have a dynamic IP
Author: G.Dorobantu   (7 May 15 1:35pm)

My name is Gabriela Dorobantu and I'm contact you about this unfortunate event:

Most pages I try to access have the CAPCHA page showing up and besides it succesfully letting me access a Cloud Flare support topic while looking into this problem and therefore finding out about this HoneyPot...thing, imputing the CAPCHA simply does nothing on most sites. The page refreshes and shows the same thing without granting me any sort of access.

I contacted my internet provider (Vodafone, Romania) and they told me: we didn't know about this project, you got a dynamic IP, unplug your router and you'll get a new one since the one used before was listed on HoneyPot site somehow. I got a new IP after a whole night of waiting with the router unpluged, problem persists.

As that page suggested I scanned my laptop, it came out clear, even deleted programs installed in the previous is still there. I even applied for a whitelist on the first IP that I encountered that problem on and the 00.00.05 waiting time is probably waiting there since it did nothing on that IP.

I won't believe it's a coincidence that 2 or more IPs I was allocated are blacklisted here. If, let's say it is, then I'll have to surf though IPs till I find one that doesn't have any problems and hope I don't get a power off and my router goes back to/chooses a blacklisted IP here.

So what is there to do? Do I have a virus anti-viruses won't pick up that tortures my browsing activity? Have I simply got a unlucky row of IP allocation? Are the IPs by this provider simply prone to this issue (it happened...twice in the past with Romtelecom provider but the issue dissapeared imediatly so I didn't even find out about this Project nor have I had a need to contact you)?What is happening and how could this be fixed by me, by Vodafone, by you?

There isn't even a link on that page that told me about this Project nor a warning of some sort that'd let me know the allocated IP is blocked or a way to give me only IPs with no problems.

I will post this message on the message board in case it'd be easier for an admin to see than in a heap of contact us inquiries but I would like an official response and solution to this issue as I need internet access for university work and as a spare time activity I pay for.

I'm sorry if I came across as bitter but I admit being "a bit" annoyed by this. I'm looking forward to your reply.

(I forgot to make it clear that this is happening since a few days ago in this. Any help that anyone on the board will be appreciated as (and if) a response from the Contact Us form might take a long time.)

Thanks in advance,
Dorobantu Gabriela
 Re: Capcha page appears on most of the sites I try to acces, I have a dynamic IP
Author: E.Langheinrich   (7 May 15 1:43pm)
You can find a report of the activity Project Honey Pot has seen from your current IP by visiting the listing page here:

From the looks of it your ISP has a bunch of dirty machines connected to their network and aren't doing anything about it. Seems like a large portion of the network segment you are on has had bad traffic coming from it.

You are always welcome to white list your IP. When you do, it's not an instant process. It may take some time for the delisting to make it's way across the internet. The process does work though, you might need to be patient.

You can also have Vodafone assign you a static IP that isn't shared with the rest of their customers.
 Re: Capcha page appears on most of the sites I try to acces, I have a dynamic IP
Author: G.Dorobantu   (7 May 15 4:54pm)
Hello E.Langheinrich. Thank you very much for your helpful and promt reply!

I do have a dynimic IP so it always changes after a few days/hours/days. That means:
I may have to whitelist one IP today, another tommorow and so on. That's quite a demanding process. I tried whitelisting one of them and it didn't whitelist in a day (before it switched to another IP) so if I need to do homework or anything that is important and urgent it might not be a good way of doing it, even if I cope with this solution for my other internet browsing activities.
Even if not instant I don't think I can rely on this method unless that's the only way. :)

A logged-in here user that has dynamic IP cousing it to be automaticly and almost instantly get whitelisted for the time of usage of that IP at least would be a nice feature but who knows about the code that would even make that possible. Maybe if they run a small program make by HoneyPot at the time of usage that does that....Well, this isn't the place for thinking about features that may or may not be doable. The Capcha actually working would at least help tho even if I have to do that constantly, it would at least be instant if in need.

Anyway, back on topic...

I did suspect it was a bad segment but besides "unplug => get another IP allocated and contact that website" they gave no other "solution".

I do plan on calling them up tommorow and see if I can fight something out of them but they might not care too much.

I want to find out if their lists have some sort of segmentation that I might move from and to. So from this whole list of bad IPs to a better one but I do not know if they can do it and if they would.

I'd say this would be the ideal solution if doable.

I did ask them yesterday about the allocated IPs and they said, without giving a price, that "people pay more for a static IP" and from the way they said it more = a lot.
The router I am using is paid by the original owner, a family friend and university colleague that let me borrow it since the wi-fi in the dorm isn't actually there. He does know about the problem but since I'm using right now, I have to deal with finding a solution. He knows less about IPs and all that than I do, I explained it to the provider's customer's support because he could not even wrap the head aroup the idea of IPs or this website... ''I pay for internet, a website can't block me! Rant, rant!"

But the borrowing is not an issue, we're cool there, but the raise in price which in this economy is not cheap already and the market for providers is pretty small and provides little satisfaction.

It's a subscription so the most I can do is return the modem to him and find a new provider for myself but then he'll still run into problems with this router so not a win/win but I'm considering this as well but it won't be a fix since he can't cancel it. Besides, other people
(and they have plently of customers) that use this provider will also have problems.

It is still a secondary solution I'd go for provided I could afford it.

I'm really considering your suggestions so if push comes to shove I'll use one of them.

The change in IP lists - if possible - would be my first pick as the others have more drawbacks (of course, all their lists might have at least one bad IP but still...and also if they divide IPs into lists also comes to mind since they have not mentioned it).

If you have any other solutions to add or if someone else has some, please feel more than welcome.

In the meantime, I'll try to get in touch with the provider and see about the first solution and if that doesn't work/doesn't fix anything, I'll let you know. The end of this weekend is the most I would go for without a fix of some form so so I'll see what if I can do with them.

Thank you again for the reply E.Langheinrich!

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