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 Facebook & Twitter
Author: J.Bess   (4 Apr 15 6:01pm)
Hi I am set up with your code on my website at, THANKS!

Question: Is there a way to block their bot from my Facebook? And Twitter if it turns out they are stealing them from there? Their posts have text with them, which means they are coming from FB or Twitter, as my web site is all photos.

I recently discovered over 2000 pics and updates stolen from my website and my Facebook at, which are now displayed on There is an automatic update to their feed whenever I post.

I am the unofficial website for Straczynski/Wachowskis new Netflix TV Series, Sense8. There is no official website (no yet). It is so sad to come across a year+ of long hours of my good will and love harvested as chattel for someone else's page, with my watermark, cropping styles and the photos in the order they are on my sites. Bah humbug.
 Re: Facebook & Twitter
Author: H.User1325   (4 Apr 15 7:25pm)
Your best bit is to contact Facebook and twitter.

do not follow this link

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