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 Detailed info on threat score
Author: J.Walzer   (9 Mar 15 6:37am)
Curious if there is any documentation on how threat scoring is done for IPs?


Post Edited (9 Mar 15 7:17am)
 Re: Detailed info on threat score
Author: H.User1325   (9 Mar 15 1:32pm)
in the documentation for the Http:BL API Specification,

You could find:

The third octet (5 in the example above) represents a threat score for IP. This score is assigned internally by Project Honey Pot based on a number of factors including the number of honey pots the IP has been seen visiting, the damage done during those visits (email addresses harvested or forms posted to), etc.
 Re: Detailed info on threat score
Author: J.Walzer   (11 Mar 15 5:37am)
Thx for the info!

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