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 request not work
Author: B.Chiaramonti   (20 Jan 15 2:17am)
i made all process, api key,httpbl.php, reverse address,etc,
but the the request result $result[0] never match 127.

i use it to a wordpress standard site.

thanks !

 Re: request not work
Author: H.User1325   (20 Jan 15 9:35am)
I have two suggestions:

1) Are you testing for a "non-result" or {NXDOMAIN} response? If the IP you are checking is not in the PHP data base HTTP:BL will return a "non-result" by returning your original query, just as you sent it. i.e. [Access Key] [Octet-Reversed IP] == [response] which will not provide a match to 127. In the documentation under "Non-Result" there is a reminder that most IP addresses are NOT in the HP data base so a {NXDOMAIN} will be returned often.

2) For troubleshooting purposes hard code into your procedure the test IPs listed in the documentation. If you do this where the routine receives the visitor's IP, the whole process will be tested, and should result in a returned result with the first octet equal to 127.


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