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 Dashboard Statistics Collector is processing
Author: M.Thompson12   (22 Dec 14 10:22pm)
Your Dashboard Statistics Collector is processing. Check back in a few minutes for updated statistics.

It's been saying that for weeks. It use to clear after a few minutes. There is a date listed that says the page was updated today but why is it always stuck on the "check back in a few minutes" routine? I know there should have been a different number of sites commented on. I added one on the 11th of December, made another comment on the same day and another on the 18th, then deleted some today but it has never shown a change up or down during that time.

Just wondering.
 Re: Dashboard Statistics Collector is processing
Author: C.Holmes3   (2 Jan 15 3:01pm)
I'm having the same problem. I hadn't visited my dashboard in several months, but I let it sit and do its thing, and it eventually returned a 502 Bad Gateway error code. I reloaded the page, but it says it is still processing. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about this can help us out.

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