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 Password hacking attempts
Author: N.Watts   (12 Aug 14 1:36am)
Hi there,

Do you have any facility for recording IPs that are trying their luck with dictionary attacks gussing usernames and passwords against FTP, remote desktop or database servers? Or should we just add comments against particular IPs?

 Re: Password hacking attempts
Author: D.McHugh4   (22 Aug 14 10:52am)
Hello Nick,

Any and all illegal attempts should be reported. The more logged data of any kind about a bad IP helps projecthoneypot classify and issue cautionary statements for all to see. If an IP enters my server or website with bad intent i report it. A huge plus for adding data at projecthoneypot is that law enforcement can build a stronger case against the offender if they are charged with hacking or spamming.

Good Luck And Change Your Passwords Frequently,
 Re: Password hacking attempts
Author: N.Watts   (1 Sep 14 1:14am)
Thanks for your reply D. I'll start adding comments IP's that have been trying their luck. Should keep me busy...


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