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 What is an "API" Session?
Author: M.Ragsdale2   (2 Aug 14 9:13pm)
I have been harrassed by a hacker for some time now, and I recently found some suspicious activity on some accounts, along with IP addresses used to access those accounts, and I am looking them up. They are from Facebook "Web log-in API Sessions", and I do not know what that means. Please don't laugh, I am just a middle-aged woman, not that savvy regarding tech terms, and the explanations vary depending on what site your at. I'm probably asking in the wrong forum, but I don't have time to locate the proper one. A simple explanation, please. (The log-ins are from outside the US, and from a device I do not own).




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 Re: What is an "API" Session?
Author: H.User1325   (3 Aug 14 12:12am)
If we could lets start in the beginning. Where/how are you being "harassed"? On a website you control? a forum? a blog? If this is happening on your forum or blog, which software package are you using? What type of suspicious activity on what type of accounts?

Will need to more information to provide any help at all?

You can Google API and find that that stands for Application Program Interface.

Just a word of advise: If you "don't have time to locate the proper" place to ask a question, the number of people willing to spend their time to help will be limited. JMHO for what its worth.

 Re: What is an "API" Session?
Author: M.Ragsdale2   (3 Aug 14 12:37pm)
Lou, I appreciate the information. I am being harrassed by an ex-employee of Yahoo and SunMicrosystems. Personally. For YEARS. I have had ALL my accounts hacked, closed, re-opened, names changed. Phones, laptops, tablets and desktops rendered useless via remote access and PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! That's what APPLE tried to tell me until I showed them how I was able to send and receive texts and emails with wifi and cellular off and airplane mode enabled. (They promptly took that phone and gave me a new one). Finding the right forum for this kind of stuff is not easy, and consumes vast amount of time, so I post where I might find someone who can point me in the right direction.
 Re: What is an "API" Session?
Author: H.User1325   (3 Aug 14 1:59pm)
Don't think this is the right place. This forum is concerned with identifying and tracking those that collect email addresses from websites and sell them to spammers.

The way I read your post, you know who is harassing you. I would suggest you contact Law enforcement or an investigator that specializeses in cyber crimes.

Good luck

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