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 Comment Spammers <=> See a list
Author: L.ROCHE2   (19 Jul 14 6:02pm)

I have installed a couple of Honey Pots, a few days ago.
Now, from my dashboard (on Project Honey Pot), I see a list under "Comment Spammers You've Helped Catch:".
Then at the bottom of that list, there's a link "See a list of all the comment spammers you've helped catch.".
I would have expected to get at least the same item as in the previous list ... however when I click on the link, I get an empty list ! ? !

Could someone take two minutes to explain the meaning of these 2 lists ?

 Re: Comment Spammers <=> See a list
Author: H.User1325   (19 Jul 14 7:03pm)
As another user I'm just guessing, but perhaps the difference is in the title

The list below is comprised of Harvester IPs (limited to the top 50) that are:

Targeting Your Sites
Arranged by their Last Bad Event

Your second list maybe a null list because none of the harvesters you "have helped catch" have been "Targeting your sites"
 Re: Comment Spammers <=> See a list
Author: L.ROCHE2   (20 Jul 14 9:45am)
Well English may not be my mother tongue ... still, to me:
"Comment Spammers You've Helped Catch:"
"See a list of all the comment spammers you've helped catch."
Is fairly similar, not to say identical, so I would expect to get the same results and if not, I would like to understand why ?
 Re: Comment Spammers <=> See a list
Author: L.ROCHE2   (23 Jul 14 2:00pm)
So nobody can give me an explanation ? ! ?

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