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 Found my IP used by other person
Author: M.Zhuravleva   (18 Jul 14 3:34am)

I was searching internet today and when opening a website a page it said that "my ip was detected by project honey pot." That came as a surprise as I have never done any spam activity in my life.
When I followed the link provided, I saw that it listed a completely different location, name and keywords associated with my IP. How is that possible? Looks like somebody else is doing some advertising and spam from my IP, the keywords contained words like "yvessaintlaurent" - I know have never typed anything like that on my computer.
So it looks like my IP is being used in a malicious way by somebody else in a different country. It is quite unpleasant and I don't really know what to do about it.
Could you please help me what can I do to stop this activity and also clear my IP address?
Thank you for your help. I appreciate your advice.
Kind regards,
 Re: Found my IP used by other person
Author: L.ROCHE2   (20 Jul 14 2:44pm)

You should run an Anti-virus software and/or malware software. Your computer might be infected and run some malicious software.

Good luck.

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