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 Is there a way to get the whole IP data?
Author: N.Gabriel2   (4 Jul 14 1:19am)
hey everyone,

is there a way to get all the malicious IP's registered on this website to include it in an IPS or something like that? i can only see the first 50 events of a single list.

 Re: Is there a way to get the whole IP data?
Author: H.User1325   (4 Jul 14 2:39pm)
If you look under Services you will see HTTP: Black List

That is the intended way to access the db.

The HTTP Blacklist, or "http:BL", is a system that allows website administrators to take advantage of the data generated by Project Honey Pot in order to keep suspicious and malicious web robots off their sites. Project Honey Pot tracks harvesters, comment spammers, and other suspicious visitors to websites. Http:BL makes this data available to any member of Project Honey Pot in an easy and efficient way.

Http:BL provides data back about the IP addresses of visitors to your website. Data is exchanged over the DNS system. You may query your local DNS server and receive a response back that indicates the type of visitor to your site, how threatening that visitor is, and how long it has been since the visitor has last been seen within the Project Honey Pot trap network.

Several software authors have written implementations for a variety of web platforms. If you would like to integrate with http:BL, check out the http:BL API document.
 Re: Is there a way to get the whole IP data?
Author: A.Everett3   (10 Nov 14 9:52am)
I have the same question as N.Gabriel2.
I don't run web servers for my organization.
I run network equipment which can intake lists of IP addresses or domain names.
Ideally, I could query and get a list of IP addresses to block for the day. That way, the attackers don't even get a chance to contact the web servers.
Maybe, check in at 8am, get the offenders for the last 24 hours, and block those until the next day. Then erase and start over.
Is there any chance of supporting a feature like this?

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