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 Wrong info on suspicious activity
Author: B.Gorden   (20 May 14 3:02am)
When I check it says two things.

This IP has not seen any suspicious activity within the last 3 months. This IP is most likely clean and trustworthy now. (This record will remain public for historical purposes, however.)

2. Spider Last Seen within 1 week

Is this correct?
 Re: Wrong info on suspicious activity
Author: E.Langheinrich   (24 May 14 12:55pm)
That is correct. A spider sighting is where Project Honey Pot sees a visit from an IP that doesn't result in any posts or harvesting activity.
 Re: Wrong info on suspicious activity
Author: B.Gorden   (26 May 14 3:44am)
Ah. Thanks. Good to know. I couldn't find that in the FAQ.

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