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 As n00b as it can get
Author: P.Bohra   (14 May 14 6:26am)
Hi guys, so ive done all the steps, linked some of my pages to the honeypot script as well. Now what?
Do I just sit back and relax? will I magically see my spam reduce?
 Re: As n00b as it can get
Author: H.User1325   (14 May 14 7:52pm)
As another user, sounds like you have installed a honeypot - thanks, and have added links to your honeypot to your webpages - thanks again. Now all you need to do watch your dashboard and watch your stats.

As for your spam magically reducing, that is an other issue - good luck. You should go back and read the objectives of Project Honey Pot. In short the objective is to identify those that collect email addresses so they can be added to the project database and be identified by using the HTTP:BL service. That doesn"t reduce you spam it may keep you email address off of some list ~~ which may indirectly reduce you spam>
 Re: As n00b as it can get
Author: P.Bohra   (15 May 14 5:57am)
Ah, Thanks for the clear explanation. Apologies for my ignorance. I was slightly impatient when going through the project description, and basically understood nothing. I appreciate your explanation. Thanks!
 Re: As n00b as it can get
Author: E.Langheinrich   (16 May 14 8:27am)
You can take advantage of http:BL which should help reduce the spam on your website by checking the status of your visitors prior to allowing them to access your site. You can find more information here:

do not follow this link

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