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 Advice please
Author: F.Fuz   (12 Apr 14 6:20am)
ok, I recently changed domains, old one was registered with proj. honey pot,
i removed all references to the domain in proj. HP website, including donated mx records.

in my dashboard i still see my quicklinks, http:BL API key, Spam traps issued on your sites
and a few others that reflect the old domain, even though i removed the honey pot file and mx record.

Now i want to add a new honey pot and donate an mx record for my new domain..
how will this effect my current project HP account. ?
wouldn't it cause an issue with the quicklinks that show or the http:BL API key, ?

or would it be better to just open a new project HP account for the new domain name?

 Re: Advice please
Author: E.Langheinrich   (8 May 14 8:34am)
Use the same account. You can donate new MX records and request a new quick link for the new domain name. Your API key is managed at the user level not the domain level.

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