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 Blocked IP's
Author: P.Odoors   (6 Jan 14 9:51am)
In your report i have two ip's and both of these are blacklisted from the site and also banned from the forum , so how can they be harvesting or spamming when access is denied , on the forum neither of those ip's or the domains are registered and the spam filters on the site are working fine , can someone explain to me how two banned ip's repeatedly show up in your report , sometimes it's just the one but i am still at a lose as to how they cant do anything if banned ?
 Re: Blocked IP's
Author: H.User1325   (6 Jan 14 11:07am)
Not to sound short, but as a fellow Project Honey Pot user, what report?

So take with a grain of salt anything I say - having admitted I don't know what report you are talking about ;)

When I look up these two IP addresses here, I see that they are each identified as "comment spammer and rule breaker." I assume the application you are using to protect your forum using http:BL, created the report. When the IP was blocked the reason they were blocked was included in the report. Not that they harvested from you or spammed you, but those IPs have that reputation and therefore were blocked BEFORE they could do it to you.
 Re: Blocked IP's
Author: P.Odoors   (6 Jan 14 12:29pm)
Thank you for your reply , the report i mean is the one i get from here at honeypot everyday , i was under the illusion that they had or where harvesting , i didn't realise that honeypot had blocked them as i check loads using and ban there ip range , so it is just a daily report of the two they blocked , is that correct ?
 Re: Blocked IP's
Author: H.User1325   (6 Jan 14 6:15pm)
To quote a previous post

"So take with a grain of salt anything I say - having admitted I don't know what report you are talking about ;)"

So my guess was totally off the mark. I don't have a clue.
 Re: Blocked IP's
Author: F.Fuz   (21 Jan 14 3:41pm)
As another user of HP, I never knew that project honey pot blocked any ip addresses.

I believe it is only a source to identify an ip address that has visited your honey pot,
and it would only tell you if it is spam, a harvester etc
and i thought it is up to you the webmaster to deal with the ip address..

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