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 Harvesters You've Helped Catch:
Author: H.ServerUpper   (8 Dec 13 5:16pm)
Yay! My first assist.

Okay, what does that actually mean? Does the server get taken down? Someone get arrested? Now wouldn't that cool. Hopefully it means something happed to the harvester.


 Re: Harvesters You've Helped Catch:
Author: H.User1325   (9 Dec 13 9:04am)
Yep that would be cool. (fortunately) Maintainers of lists like this one do not have the power to take servers down or arrest anyone.

The list are used to help filter/identify those that spam or in the case of harvesters, collect email addresses for spamming. By using PHP's block list (http:BL) webmasters can identify comment spammers and limit their access to bulletin board, forums, comment forms, etc. preventing they from spreading their stuff.

Those with honey pots and or QuickLinks help fill that list, and I for one thank you.
 Re: Harvesters You've Helped Catch:
Author: H.ServerUpper   (9 Dec 13 10:01am)
Thanks H.User1325. I had the feeling that is what happens but wasn't sure.

On a roll here. Three more caught since yesterday.

I have a feeling the list is going to grow quit large fairly quickly. Bots hit the HP script once every 2.8 minutes.

Sometimes the poor bots get bad info and try to hit a non existent page. Of course I have to create the page and help them out. They intern share the newly found page with other bots and soon a whole gang of them are swarming on that new page. Quite fun. Kind of like herding cattle. I'm sure I can get bot hits under 2.8 minutes if realy work at.

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