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 Honey pot page display
Author: F.Fuz   (6 Dec 13 9:37am)
question about displaying a list of recent IP address's on my honey pot page.
is it possible to show them ?

I see the listings in HP's dashboard from project honey pot,
but nothing related to my HP results. all i see when i go to my HP is the legal stuff.
and id like to show any recent results related to my HP.

i am suspecting its not showing any results on my website because i did not donate my mx record. But I am apprehensive when it involves my dns settings etc.
(if thats even the case)
suggestions please..
 Re: Honey pot page display
Author: H.User1325   (6 Dec 13 1:38pm)
I am just another HP user and not entirely sure what you are trying to do. But let me try.

"...displaying a list of recent IP address's on my honey pot page."

If I understand correctly the short answer is "NO." Do I understand that you want to change your honey pot so it displays something other than "the legal stuff"? If that is you intent you need to read the Terms of Service, which state "This includes without limitation not modifying in any way the software provided to access Unspam's servers ("Authorized Access Software") unless the software is completely disengaged from the PHP service or as otherwise authorized in writing by Unspam."

That aside, Why? the web page generated by a honey pot is not intended to be seen by a human visitor, so who would see the list?

"...showing any results on my website..." There is no way for any Project Honey Pot results to be shown on your website unless you put it there. There is no connection between what happens on your website or a honey pot on your website and whether you have or have not donated a MX record for your domain or sub domain.

OR I did not understand your OP
 Re: Honey pot page display
Author: F.Fuz   (6 Dec 13 3:43pm)
hi thanks for the reply,

i think you kind of answered the question.

ok after further "looking" i discovered how to see what i wanted to.
I just did not understand how the dashboard worked
so i could display ip's that were caught on my HP.

all i was seeing was stuff like Comment spam posts to your site(s): 5
but never saw a way to see who those 5 were.
did not know i was to click the H or C under the stats for the HP to see them.

its all good now thanks.

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