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 whats wrong
Author: F.Fuz   (4 Dec 13 2:47pm)
hi all,
ive installed a new HP on my website, i am told everything is ok and working.
I even see the legal stuff when i go to my HP.
I have added links and my quicklinks to all my html pages,
i also added some to a "dummy index.php" as well.
(used because spammers keep looking for index.php and i did not want cpanel errors)

my cpanel shows i had almost 40 spammers since i installed the HP,
but my dashboard stats shows squat, zip,zilch, nothing at all.
only thing that shows anything, is these..
# Sites you've protected: 1
# IPs You've Commented On: 1
# IPs You're Monitoring: 17

everything else is 0

what am i doing wrong ?
 Re: whats wrong
Author: F.Fuz   (4 Dec 13 4:41pm)
there must be a delay in the reporting, i just noticed a few number changes
 Re: whats wrong
Author: H.User1325   (4 Dec 13 5:18pm)
Also keep in mind the possible delays in the process. The time between a visit to your hp and when the harvested email address is passed to a spammer, and when that spammer actually sends an email (spam) to the harvested address.
 Re: whats wrong
Author: F.Fuz   (20 Feb 14 10:49am)
the monitor reports i get never show any of this information. it always 0 where ever there should be digits. i do have my servers ip address in the monitor but it has no effect at all on my monitor report or on the website when i try to see the monitor activity. i tried setting it to report for last 30 days but nothing shows. even though it shows in my stats.
i'm at a loss why it is not showing the information.
 Re: whats wrong
Author: H.User1325   (20 Feb 14 11:10am)
If you are monitoring your own IPs then all zeros is a good thing.

You are monitoring the IPs for bad behavior originating FROM the monitored addressed not going to those addresses.
 Re: whats wrong
Author: F.Fuz   (22 Feb 14 10:09am)
ok thanks, i thought the email report i get would reflect what shows in the online stats,
example if online it says "Comment spam posts to your site(s): 44 " then i assumed id see the same thing in the email report instead of " Comment spam posts to your site(s): 0 "
 Re: whats wrong
Author: H.User1325   (22 Feb 14 11:23am)
Yes perhaps the English could be better. However

Comment spam posts to your site(s): 0

on your dashboard does mean "Comment spam posted to {honeypots on} your site(s) {by others}: 0"

Where as

IPs Engaged In Comment Spamming On Your Network: none

in your monitoring report (email or web page) means "IPs {On Your Network,that you are monitoring that have been detected being} Engaged in Comment Spamming: none"

Hope this helps.

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