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 The website links in the HP page
Author: P.Salas   (4 Dec 13 10:27am)
Hello, using FF I can choose to display a page without any style/css and so when I do that, I couldn't help but to notice two website links that bring up a "server not found" and another throws up an "forbidden" page.

I know the purpose of the email ( which humans are not supposed to see )

But what are the website links for?


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 Re: The website links in the HP page
Author: H.User1325   (4 Dec 13 5:24pm)
"server not found" could be a FF timing issue its hard to say.

You might check you IP address here to see if you have been reported for "suspicious activity."

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 Re: The website links in the HP page
Author: P.Salas   (4 Dec 13 7:20pm)
I have flagged myself in the past because of 'testing' honey pots on my site but requested to be un flagged.

I know there is an email hidden from normal human use and crawlers scan it.

My question was mostly what the purpose of those two sites linked in our honey pot page are for.


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do not follow this link

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