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 Newbie Questions.
Author: F.Fuz   (1 Dec 13 2:27pm)
Hi all,
I am new to project honey pot and have a few questions.

1- when i installed the microscopic.php file, I followed the direction about the links to add,
i added them to both my index.html and to a "dummy" index.php file.
(spammers are always referencing it even though i do not use any php in my root directory)
my website is generally all the root.

but my cpanel reported a 404 error for link that refers to /mortality-aftermost.gif
I did remove the link that referred to the gif file (was one of the ones suggested to add)

Now will this reflect how the honey pot works ?

Also, with the Monitored IP Space Report, I have added my my own domain ip address to monitor,
Is that the correct way to monitor my website ?

thanks and any other tips regarding the index.php mentioned, would be helpful.

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 Re: Newbie Questions.
Author: H.User1325   (4 Dec 13 5:07pm)
Sorry, the other day I wrote an in-depth, insightful response. I lost it all when the site was taken down for maintenance. ;)

The 9(?) suggested links to your hp are just that, suggestions. Use the suggested links that you find useful. Another answer to the 404 gif is to create a blank 1px X 1px gif file and add it to your domain. Although it is in theory possible for a human to find and click on the gif (to follow the link) the odds are zero.

Is it possible to filter what is displayed on you control panel? Although you do need to monitor your error logs you have no control over what others do For example I am constantly probed for MyphpAdmin files or Dural files Looking for something to exploit i guess

You can monitor any ip you want.

If your domain shares an ip address with other domains using the same host you may see suspicious activity. If you don't share an ip address it is not likely someone adds/changes your files.

It may be more useful to monitor the ip addresses of your mail server. Depending on your hosting, you may share a mail server and someone else could be spamming which will impact your email. The server could also be configured in a way that a spammer can use it (open relay for example).

You need to evaluate you risk when deciding what to monitor.

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 Re: Newbie Questions.
Author: F.Fuz   (5 Dec 13 1:45pm)
thank you for the reply H.User1325.
my hosting's Cpanel is very limited, i do not get much from them, especially no shell access.
(my host is m2host, if you ever heard of it)

i can filter what shows in "Latest visitors", but on a per -view basis,
such as the status messages or user agents.
But they get restored to the defaults each time i log back in to cpanel.

i believe i have shared hosting, they also handle my paid domain name.
im not sure what my mail-server ip is, ive just used the cpanel system to set up an email account for sending/receiving email.. i try hard to avoid getting into my DNS and MX settings as they are to easy to render my website useless if i mess up settings.
(although i do have access to those)

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