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 Email address linked to spam appears as a top search results
Author: O.Holden   (20 Nov 13 5:47am)

I'm not very familiar with the project so please excuse any mistake. In a routine googling of my wife's email address the second result is one of the project's pages which contains sample emails sent from an IP. To a non technical person this looks as if she was sending viagra spam. The wife is a faculty teacher so it doesn't look all that well next to the other results...

What can I do to have this removed?


 Re: Email address linked to spam appears as a top search results
Author: H.User1325   (20 Nov 13 11:17am)
Sorry to hear that your wife (and you?) share an ip address with a spammer or someone with an infected computer that sends spam.

When you login, on the top left of your home page is a place to lookup an IP address. Enter your wife's ip. After the description of the IP is a link to add a comment about the IP. If you have checked you computer(s) to make sure you are not sending spam, AND worked with your ISP to stop other spammers, this would be a good place to explain the situation. The maintainers of the list may white list the IP. Of course if more spam is sent from the IP white listing will be reversed.

If others that share this IP are sending spam you need to work with your ISP and get that situation resolved and/or get assigned to a different IP.

None of this will have an affect on the Google results in the short turn. Google follows their own rules about when and how their results are updated.
 Re: Email address linked to spam appears as a top search results
Author: O.Holden   (21 Nov 13 9:20am)
Thanks for the help but I think I may have not explained myself clearly. The problem is with the example messages section of the page which lists something like:

From: "VIAGRA Inc" <>
Subject: RE: UK Pharmacy Online Sale 80% OFF!

I'm sure you know that most of these addresses are forged and the emails were not in fact sent from these addresses.

We do not share an IP with a spammer as we live in south america and the IP, according to what the the page says, is from Thailand.

I would not want to whitelist the IP, just to redact the email address. Is that possible?

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