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 Turn my Godaddy Account into a Honeypot
Author: D.Clifton   (23 Oct 13 8:15am)
Hi All,

First I am very happy to be here ;) , I have a godaddy website that I would like to turn into a honeypot how do I know if it is suitable for that? Thanks

 Re: Turn my Godaddy Account into a Honeypot
Author: H.User1325   (23 Oct 13 9:24am)
Welcome to the effort to control spam!

If you control/own a domain hosted on godaddy where you can place a script, seems to me you could load a honeypot.

When you are logged in, from the home you will see the "Manage Honey Pots" on the menu. From there you can request a Honey Pot for your domain and read and agree to the Terms of service. That page also has a link to FAQ about installing a Honey Pot on your site.

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