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 Denied membership of a game site
Author: L.Borthwick   (12 Aug 13 5:39pm)
I tried to join a game site. but was denied as my IP was suspicious. I can only use what my ISP provides

I am only a user of the internet I don't have a domain or whatever else you call it. Why was I being denied entry to GameBoomers

I am furious.
 Re: Denied membership of a game site
Author: H.User1325   (13 Aug 13 6:43am)
Your ISP most likely shares several IP addresses with all of their clients. So the reputation of an IP is based on the actions of several users.

You need to contact your ISP and see if they can resolve the problem. Contacting GameBoomers to find out why your IP was rated suspicious may also help although they may not be willing to share the info.

What information makes you think Project Honey Pot could help resolve your problem? You can look up your IP and see how it is rated here, but it seems reasonable that a gaming site would have used a different source for rating. Groups that track forum comment spammers, like would be more likely.

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