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 DNS API usage limits
Author: J.Dever   (6 Aug 13 9:18am)

I have been using this service for many months now on a fairly limited basis, and have been absolutely pleased with the amount of traffic that it helps us identify as malicious.

In wanting to use this service I was curious about what the accepted usage rates of the DNS api are. I have seen vague references that imply that it is safe to use as long as it isn't abused, however abuse is a relative term.

Obviously we cache DNS responses via our in house DNS relays, however, for larger sites that can generate several million requests a day this could be considered excessive to the maintainers of a free project.

So, I suppose I am looking for guidance on how much leeway we are allowed. If there any way to get put on a "VIP" subscription if we were to donate code (I have a very nifty F5 iRule that I use, and am working on something for varnish currently) or high traffic honeypots?

Thanks again for this project.

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