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 changed domain
Author: P.Bartley   (11 Jul 13 7:23pm)

ive changed the domain of my forum yet the mod still reports its on and working.?? is this correct?

if not, what do I do to get it right? I tried making a new pot for new domain and after downloading the zip file where do i put that? I cant recall what I done last time as it was so long ago

 Re: changed domain
Author: H.User1325   (11 Jul 13 8:32pm)
If you login and go to your "manage HoneyPot" page you can click on your old HP to edit its location. You will see where it was, having just changed domains, you should be able to just change the domain and copy the dir for the new location. with that you shouldn't have to make other changes.
 Re: changed domain
Author: P.Bartley   (12 Jul 13 5:19am)
thanks - but - at a total loss now because it did not let me 'edit' its location - there was no option to 'edit' it, im now at the following (screeny below) again but with old domain (that needs changing) - i dunno what to do? instructions are vague - what script do I upload to the server/host? if its that zip file I have done but visiting that just downloads it? instructions need to be clearer

 Re: changed domain
Author: P.Bartley   (12 Jul 13 5:25am)
its ok i sussed it, the instructions should say the install instructions are inside the zip file.... never mind..all working now :)

thanks for your help

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