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 Permitted Entries vs Minimal Threat Level
Author: A.Matz   (7 Jul 13 12:56pm)
Hi there,

I'm wondering about the settings and the "Minimum Threat Level".
In the logs I see that IP was permitted to register in my SMF-forum - if I do an IP-lookuo here, I find it's a thread level of 35. My setting for the Mininum Threat Level is 25. Shouldn't be this visitor on the DENIED-list?

My honeypot itself works, I helped catch harvesters already and I entered a http:/BL code in the settings.

The help-section to the Minumum Threat Level isn't really helping: "Threat Scores are a rough guide to determine the threat a particular IP address may pose to your site. Threat Scores should be treated as a rough measure. Threat Scores range from 0-255, however they follow a logrithmic scale which makes it extremely unlikely that a threat score over 200 will ever be seen."

Can anyone explain why the spammer was permitted with the level of 35?

Thanks :)
 Re: Permitted Entries vs Minimal Threat Level
Author: H.User1325   (7 Jul 13 9:07pm)
It would seem so, however, you do realize there is no connection between your honeypot working and an implementation of http:BL working? Have you tested your BL call to make sure all is working correctly?

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