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 White Listing my email
Author: R.Kumar37   (18 Jun 13 12:53am)

When I browsing the web I found that my email id was registered in the Honey pot project. I try to find the root cause "how my email id was registered in Honeypot project."

At last I realised that in the earlier stage of my website launch, I gave my email id and password to a SEO free lancer.
He used my email id and password to emails, but still I am using the same email id. How I can remove my email id and my name from the project.
 Re: White Listing my email
Author: H.User1325   (18 Jun 13 8:17am)
Not sure where your "email id" is listed with Project Honey Pot.

Project Honey Pot list IP addresses that are involved in spamming or harvesting/collecting email addresses that are then spammed. Project Honey Pot does not list email addresses.

Sorry if I did not understand your problem.

 Re: White Listing my email
Author: R.Kumar37   (19 Jun 13 4:20pm)

In the IP address inspector page

My name and email id are displayed like this

Example Messages Sent From xxx.191.85.87
From: xxxx xxxx xxxx <>
Subject: xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx

Help me to remove my name and email id from this page

 Re: White Listing my email
Author: H.User1325   (20 Jun 13 8:19am)
Each comment about an IP address starts with the HoneyPot user name that made the comment. At the end of the comment is the date the comment was made.
Assuming the IP and email addresses are yours, you can enter a comment explaining how this spam came from your email/IP address.

If this is not the IP address of your mail host, then this is just a spammer that forged you email address in the FROM:, a common and easy thing to do. You could explain that too.

If this is your mail host's IP and the comment you are concerned about is fairly old, or there is only the one comment I wouldn't worry about it. What is the Threat Rating of the IP?

I am guessing that your host uses this IP address to send email for several (all) of its customers. If the treat rating is high I would complain to my host or get a new internet host.

sorry with little specific information I can't provide any more specific advise.

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