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 One pot for many websites
Author: D.Spencer4   (8 Jun 13 12:14am)
Newbie question.

Is it practical, useful and/or effective to set one website up with a honey pot and then link a whole heap of other sites to it? Rather than install a pot on to each one.

I'm a developer of sorts and I have my own very ordinary website which I've installed a honey pot. The idea being that I can put footer snippets in to all the websites I build (and have built) that link to my pot, rather than apply for a unique script for each one.

Does this make sense?
 Re: One pot for many websites
Author: H.User1325   (8 Jun 13 2:43am)
Conceptually your suggestion is what a QuickLink is, a link on one website, or many, to a Honey Post script on an other domain. If you install a HP on one domain and make it public, Project Honey Pot then distributes QuickLinks to others that may not be able to install a script on their domain, resulting in a similar situation as you're suggesting only world wide.

What is lost in your suggestion is the advantage of having a larger number of HP URLs. At the extreme if there were only one Honey Pot and everyone linked to it, it soon would be obvious to spammers which links they should not follow. Conversely, the more Honey Pots installed the lower the risk of a HP being identified and avoided by the spammers.

You idea is sound. That is one of the nice things about Project Honey Pot, everyone can participate/contribute at the level they feel comfortable. Be that installing a single QuickLink or installing a Honey Pots on every domain/sub-domain they control.

Welcome to the fight!

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