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 How to test HttpBL
Author: A.Cumming   (5 Jun 13 9:20pm)

I have added the appropriate pieces to our web site for the HttpBL, but is there some way I can test it to confirm it's working ?

 Re: How to test HttpBL
Author: T.Gorup   (3 Jan 14 9:38am)

Kind of wondering the same thing. Have no errors or access logs pertaining to httpbl. Increased my logging level to info. Haven't seen anything yet. Anyone have any ideas?
 Re: How to test HttpBL
Author: H.User1325   (3 Jan 14 11:35am)
One approach would be to include an email to yourself somewhere in the process. PHP includes a mail function that you could use for testing.

Depending on what you need to 'test' you could for example build an mail to yourself that includes the ip address you're checking and the response from http:BL. Then you try to login or register to trigger a call to http:BL and see the results.


add an if (my_ip) to your code temporally. When you try to login, use the if statement to change the http:BL response to one that will not pass your criteria and block you.


(better) us an added if statement to change your IP to one of the test cases listed in then use that to call http:BL
You can pick/build a test 'ip' that will result in "you" being blocked to see if that works as you expect.

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 Re: How to test HttpBL
Author: T.Gorup   (6 Jan 14 8:15am)
Appreciate the response, very good idea's. After a couple days, I did end up seeing some logs, in error.log no less, for:

'HTTPBL: - ( IP x.x.x.x is cleanlisted... page request ALLOWed'

Odd they're in the error logs, but appears to be working.

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