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 Starting to become a full time job again....
Author: R.Burden   (10 May 13 5:26pm)
Over the last week, there has been a very large increase in spammers being able to get past honey pot, and register and spam on my forums. It is almost turning back into a full time job again fighting it!

Just in the last 24 hours, i have had to delete over 20 posts, and over 30 accounts from my forums, that up until a week ago, was a maximum of 0 to 5 a day.

What has changed? Why are these parasitic low life scumbags getting past honey pot again?

Thank you

 Re: Starting to become a full time job again....
Author: H.User1325   (11 May 13 6:19am)
I assume you mean the comment spammers are getting past http:BL, because as you know a honey pot does not block spammers.

Have you adjusted you score setting? spamming does go in cycles. This morning I have 19 new accounts leaving a total of 35 comments. None of these 19 IP addresses were in the http:BL database, however 56 attempts to create an account or login have been blocked this morning (its now 9am). Yesterday 64 attempts were blocked and I had only 22 spam accounts all day. It looks like today will be a bumper day :-(
 Re: Starting to become a full time job again....
Author: R.Burden   (11 May 13 7:50am)
Thank you for your reply, i appreciate it.

Not sure what you mean by score setting though?

Yes, it is httpBL i have installed :o)

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