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 How are newly registered sites found so easily by bots?
Author: D.McHugh2   (9 May 13 12:17pm)
Hello fellow members,

I have been opening and testing various sites and forums in my search to begin my business online.Right after i open any new acp i disable registrations and such.But it seems as soon as a person starts building online,especially forums,the bots come and then their human handlers soon will be arriving to inflict their nefariousness.
As a businessman i custom build online firewalls for people.I only say this to demonstrate i am capable of securing my sites online properly.So what im wondering is what kind of beacons are being set off to instantly attract bots almost as soon as a person is logging for the first time into a new acp?

Thanks for any help in advance.

my added edit;
Sorry for asking such a open question.please let me rephrase so we do not share knowledge with the stated above when an admin is taking control of any acp for the first time the bots seem to know this.Is this avoidable or is it a just get in quickly and lock-down?If this is avoidable please vaguely recommend a subject direction for me to google.


Post Edited (9 May 13 3:45pm)

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