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 Ping spam, or sping
Author: T.Hurlbut2   (4 May 13 6:56am)
Does Project Honeypot intend to start cataloguing ping spam?

I administer two web sites. After finally breaking the back of the comment spammers, and chasing the "sploggers" off my sites, I still have an occasional flood of spam. And then I finally figured it out, by filtering the kind of comments received.

I'm getting hit by ping spam.

People are constantly linking to my articles and sending me ping after ping after ping, all to commercial purposes only.

In fact, I have a URL for the worst current offender:

Now by default, an administrator moderates all pingbacks. And in this case I have that domain on a blacklist. They never use the same IP. (Where do they get all those addresses?) They couch their comments very cleverly--it looks for all the world like a direct message to me (as admin). If I hadn't thought to filter my comment display I never would have figured out where this was coming from.

Have you a database of "sping domains"?

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