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 I've been blacklisted!
Author: D.Shechtman   (26 May 07 2:59am)
I just tried to log into one of my phpBB boards, only to find out that I've been banned from it!

Since my ISP uses dynamic IPs, I was able to recover by just rebooting my machine. Please remove .172.134 from your black list.

I realize that my PC has been used as a spam relay. I hope it's clean now. Could you confirm?

Is there any way of notifying those whose PC have been abused (other than telling them they've been banned)?

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 Re: I've been blacklisted!
Author: D.Shechtman   (26 May 07 3:41am)
This is so much worse than I thought. After another reboot, I'm blacklisted again (this time .46.29)!

Should I start adding IP subnet exclusions to override http:BL's responses?

EDIT: A quick remedy was to increase the threat threshold (I was using 0 just in case).

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 Re: I've been blacklisted!
Author: J.Haywood   (2 Jun 07 10:33am)
If you are using a threat level of 0 then you'll get banned automatically.
Eventhough my own IP is static and I have had it for the last 5 years it still shows a httpBL threat level of 39 lol

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