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 feature suggestion: do not return nothing for successful searches
Author: P.Stanway   (8 Sep 19 10:10am)
I think it may be more helpful rather than this behaviour:


"A majority of IP addresses do not appear in http:BL's records. If a IP you query for does not appear, http:BL will return a non-result {NXDOMAIN}."

... to actually return something e.g. a specific IP address known to mean "not found"

I just lost an hour or two thinking I had misunderstood the API / was doing something wrong with my local DNS lookups because every response I got seemed to be this:


It turns out that my ISP was by default deliberately intercepting failed web-searches and routing these to the IP address above (under the guise of 'being helpful' - although really it is an advertising agency): I've disabled that feature now, but I think returning "nothing" for a successful query is not sensible at the honeypot end either

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