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 Does http:BL detect and take into account IP spoofing
Author: J.Stortt   (11 Jul 14 3:29am)
Does the http:BL database take into IP spoofing & proxies?

E.g. if a 'visitor' to a site is spoofing their IP will it trace back to their actual IP or just query against the visible one?

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 Re: Does http:BL detect and take into account IP spoofing
Author: H.User1325   (12 Jul 14 3:19pm)
It would be pointless for the "visitor" to try to spoof their IP in the internet packet header. If the return IP (requesting IP) in their requesting packet is not their IP the initial handshaking protocol sequence will fail because their system will not receive the return handshake packet.

When you refer to "the visible one (IP)" are you confusing the http packet header with email headers which contains many elements that can be spoofed?

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