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 Detecting HTTPBL from Command Line
Author: B.Layman2   (11 Dec 13 2:31pm)
I am finding that on some installs, CPanel updates are eliminating the installation I've made of httpbl.

I can do a quick reinstall with a command line like this:

cd /usr/local/src/httpbl/;apxs -c -i mod_httpbl.c;sleep 10;service httpd restart

However I'd like to be notified when httpbl is no longer dynamically loaded. I though I could use a line that lists the modules installed and send out notification if it is not there. I thought this would work:
httpd -t -D DUMP_MODULES|grep httpbl

(other servers might use apachectl to do this), but it finds no results.

Do any of you have any thoughts as to how I can do a command line test of whether or not the httpbl mod is active in Apache?
 Re: Detecting HTTPBL from Command Line
Author: T.Inc3   (16 Jan 14 9:12pm)
we would like to know the answer too.

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