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 http:BL Requirments
Author: J.Yard2   (27 Apr 07 3:53am)
I am interested in using http:BL. Do I need to be machine admin or can I run it at a hosted web site with support for PHP, SSI's, and .htaccess?
 Re: http:BL Requirments
Author: M.Prince   (27 Apr 07 4:06am)
Some people have already put together some basic PHP code that will take advantage of it. Check out:

 Re: http:BL Requirments
Author: H.Bokhoven   (1 May 07 4:23pm)
Right, but it is still unclear (to me) where to download the code to compile the Apache2-module for my system... I'm still waiting for an approvement by the management of this project - well, that is at least how I understood it last week.
To be honest: I was expecting some kind of a download-link here for members.

Besides, how do I include the code mentioned in the above link in my weblog? It's easy to include, but it's not about giving my email-address but about fighting off malicious trackback- and comment-spam-bots.

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 Re: http:BL Requirments
Author: M.Prince   (1 May 07 5:05pm)
The Apache module code is under a beta release. If you fill out the request to be a part of the beta then we'll send you a copy. If you've already filled out the inforation but haven't received the code yet, don't fret... we haven't sent it out yet, but we will before the end of the day.

This code is true beta, not Google beta. What I mean by that is that it definitely still has bugs, it's not documented as thoroughly as it will be, and there are some major features that are not yet complete. This is also raw code that you will have to compile from source. If that sounds daunting, you're probably better off with the plugins people are writing for Drupal, WordPress, PHP, ASP, etc. You can find info on them in some of the other threads on our message board, and we will compile together a list of resources that take advantage of http:BL and publish it on the site soon.

All that said, the module is really cool and very powerful. If you are running your own Apache2 server and are comfortable with its configuration then you should check it out. We've been running the module on the Project Honey Pot site for some time now. It survived 5 days of MAJOR traffic (1 of which we were on Slashdot, 3 of which we appeared on the DIGG front page, etc) without slowing us down.

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