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 http:BL Processing error
Author: H.User1325   (24 Jul 13 7:08am)
I have been getting a high % of processing errors lately (June/July) i.e. the first response octet not equal to 127.

I have changed host but that shouldn't affect anything except maybe timing. Any clue?


 Re: http:BL Processing error
Author: H.User1325   (13 Aug 13 9:02am)
My high error rate continues this month. So far this month, 11 of my 13 query responses have not had the first octet equal to 127. This of course is other than any NXDOMAIN responses.

Any clue?
 Re: http:BL Processing error
Author: H.User1325   (29 Aug 13 8:00am)
Was hopping that all the rebuilds would change the high (+90%) ratio of processing errors when querying http:BL. But still no luck.

 Re: http:BL Processing error
Author: A.Sleeis   (4 Dec 13 1:28pm)
What IP addresses ARE you seeing, if not 127? Perhaps your provider is substituting their own IP(s) in situations where their is no resolution? I've certainly seen that with home ISPs, so web browsers get directed to their search engines. Very annoying and, in my opinion, a violation of how DNS is supposed to work in the general case.
 Re: http:BL Processing error
Author: H.User1325   (4 Dec 13 4:31pm)
In the case of what should be a NXDOMAIN response, I am receiving an Amazon ip

My host has rebuild my VPS, update the OS, php, etc. no change. Oddly some of the host VPS work correctly some don't. Just haven't fond the issue. All of the DNS servers "look" the same. They just return different answers.

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