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 HttpBL not working from a server
Author: D.Srodzinski   (8 Nov 13 11:15am)

I'm experimenting with the good work of Project HP, but today ran into a head scratcher.

I'm using the GitHub python scripting module called HttpBL, and it worked without a glitch from my local machine running as a test site.

Then installed it onto a live server, however from that all I get is erroneous responses from the database. The code is the same. The data sent is the same. It seems that it is just the reponse is different.

The response basically does not give 127 before the first separator - so after that must be junk I am guessing.

Checked Python version, server permissions etc but all seem to not be the issue, but of course also chasing with service provider - in this case iPage.

So wondered whether has anyone ever seen anythiing with server setups or DNS tables or blocked users etc that can lead to the BL call getting erroneous respones of this nature?

Many Thanks/David
 Re: HttpBL not working from a server
Author: H.User1325   (8 Nov 13 8:46pm)
We have been having the same problem sense changing host. The good news is that if the ip is in the BL database a valid results is returned. If on the other hand the ip is not in the BL database is when an invalid response is received, as you say the first octlet is not 127.

My host is now checking configuration/version of the OS and Virtual Machine. Some of the host's machines work some don't. At this point we have eliminated configuration or version of PHP. When we find the answer we will pass it on.

 Re: HttpBL not working from a server
Author: D.Srodzinski   (10 Nov 13 12:29am)
Many Thanks Lou,

I dug a little deeper. I think it returns 127 from most windows environments, whether the ip is in the bl or not. But some servers (linux v? running?), if they cannot get a response from the query to a dns, are returning not found errors that seems to take precedent over the 127 response from

Just a suggestion, as I am not an expert in server stuff, but thanks once again lou for getting back, will await await your findings and also experiment a little more my side.

 Re: HttpBL not working from a server
Author: E.Langheinrich   (19 Nov 13 12:52pm)

What you are running into has to do with your hosts DNS servers. They have configured them to redirect you rather than return an NXDOMAIN response.

There are two ways to address it. You can either change the DNS servers your server uses or add a check to treat the erroneous response as an NXDOMAIN.

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