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 Apache module dead. Revive on github?
Author: J.Rohde   (18 Sep 13 2:42am)
I'm trying to implement the apache module as wel. Everything build clean on my wheezy 64bit machine, but I don't think something is really happening.
Probably it can be made to work somehow, but the real problem is that this project seams to be dead and the people from P.H.P. have other things on their mind i guess (no response on questions regarding help for this module lately.. no offense).

I'm not really a programmer, but maybe it's a good thing to put the module up on GitHub. There it's much easier to work upon and people can fork what they want. The current location of the module doesn't really invite people to make it better.

Does P.H.P. have a git of their own (that would be best i guess) or shall (and may?) I put the code on GitHub?

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