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 http:BL Access Key usage
Author: J.Williams43   (9 May 13 4:00am)
Just a quick question on the rules when using Http:BL

With the one http:BL Access Key, is it one per website or since I'm a web designer / admin I can use the one access key across all websites?

I just want to make sure I stay within the terms and conditions.
 Re: http:BL Access Key usage
Author: H.User1325   (9 May 13 6:01am)
If I read correctly, you can use your one key for all websites.

I read "Each user of http:BL must also request an Access Key to make use of the service." You are a "user" that has several websites.

If you try to get a second key, you're told you already have one. You would have to have another account to get another key.

I would think that if you are the admin for all websites; then one key ~~ You control the use. On the other hand, as a designer if you build the site and turn it over to someone else to run/control; then they should have their own account/key sense they control the use of http:BL. If they change the code and cause an abuse, only their use will be blocked.

 Re: http:BL Access Key usage
Author: J.Ferrous   (27 Aug 18 12:18pm)

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