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 Apache mod_httpbl
Author: L.Net2   (1 Apr 13 3:28pm)
Hi People,

Is someone can tell me one time for all if that F***g apache module is really working ???! I tried a lot of times without success...

I see DNS queries to honeypot's dns, but that's all... Comment spammers can still post things on my websites, while they are well listed as comment spammers...

So... Could someone tell me what to do with that module or give me another way of doing it ? The http:BL plugin for wordpress is not an option for me... I want to avoid their connections at the more lower level I could.

For now, I've scripts running that blocks them automatically in my firewall... But the counterparts is that comments are already posted when the system blocks them.... So... Not so efficient.

An apache module is for me the best choice... But no one seems to continue the project... It's now freezed for 5 years and doesn't seems to work as expected...

Thanks for your enlightenments,
 Re: Apache mod_httpbl
Author: H.User1325   (2 Apr 13 11:27am)
Have you tried ?
 Re: Apache mod_httpbl
Author: M.Yaakob   (5 Apr 13 3:00am)
Is this work ?
 Re: Apache mod_httpbl
Author: R.Williams15   (17 Mar 14 9:05am)
change your loglevel in apache to info or debug and you will see the mod_httpbl logs

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