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 http:bl Slow
Author: C.Carvalho2   (3 Dec 12 4:33am)
I've been testing http:BL for some weeks with great sucess.

But for the second time in days its slowing down my websites from 10 to 15 seconds per page.

Is this an usual issue with http:BL?

I'll appreciate if anyone can enlighten me about this issue? It is happening too often!!
 Re: http:bl Slow
Author: H.User1325   (3 Dec 12 9:50am)
CC2 Hi again.

I don't know. I just ran some test using a local server and test program which has got to be slower than implementation on my host and was getting round trips of 2-3 sec from submitting an IP to display of the results. (that includes my satellite internet link).

Do to a current comment spammer attack, 20-30 new Russian/Chinese accounts a day, I have added http:BL to the registration/login process of a phpBB resulting in ~300 BL rejections yesterday.

I don't know how your joomla plugin is implemented, but I can't think of a reason the http:BL plugin should slow down pages other than maybe registration/login unless you allow guest posting. Even then There is not a need to check an IP more than once per session. None of that should affect every page.

If the implementation is checking the IP every page call, depending on you traffic you may be getting throttled to conserve resources. Just a though but I don't think so.

How do you know it the http:BL plugin causing the delay? Is it really every page that is slowed down as I read your OP? Have you ask your host if they are having issues? (though sometimes they deny everything)

Just some thoughts. I'm not experiencing any trouble myself and am just guessing.

 Re: http:bl Slow
Author: B.Kung   (5 Feb 13 10:12am)
Actually, C.Carvalho2 is right.

I have around 2000 active connections for my server.

and Im using for my DNS.

When I turn my httpbl on, it will slow down my site because I think they are checking every visitor ip with the DNS and back to the httpbl

Also, when I use the netstat command, i can see there are huge amount of connection queuing up to the ip


httpbl on:

httpbl off:

 Re: http:bl Slow
Author: H.User1325   (5 Feb 13 3:11pm)
I don't dough that if your implementation is checking the IP with httpBL for each page call that you will see queuing and slowing of you site if you have an active site and maybe if not so active.

That is the problem of the implementation of httpBL on your site, not on the response time of httpBL. There is no security/spam reason to check the IP more than once/session.

This could be controlled by where the httpBL check is done, for example during login.

For example, I check the IP during registration, email validation and during each login. Sense the software I use is self-calling I added a Session variable that is set when the IP is checked to avoid multiple calls to httpBL.

Just a though.

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 Re: http:bl Slow
Author: B.Kung   (5 Feb 13 9:41pm)
This is not a application level blocking. I am talking about the mod_security httpbl or the apache httpbl. the way these modules work is they intercept all the client before they execute your application such as the php or cgi

For your case, of coz this would not affect your site because it is blocking in the application level, also I don't think your site will have about 2000 active user registering your website at the same time.

apache module or mod_security is completely different level of blocking the intruder. they do checking every single ip with the dns. You can check the httpbl module to see how they work

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 Re: http:bl Slow
Author: H.User1325   (6 Feb 13 6:13am)
Suggested reading for high volume users, however implemented:

Section 3 could be of interest. Throttling could be a benign result.


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