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 does mod_httpbl "react" at all?
Author: F.Homann   (22 Sep 12 12:49pm)
first: hi all! :)
i wonder because:

1. my instllation pass all 3 tests

2. the server wide configuration contains the following directives:

HTTPBLLogDir /var/log/apache2/httpbl
HTTPBLReposDir /var/lib/httpbl
HTTPBLAccessKey key
HTTPBLDefaultAction deny
# allow all search engines
HTTPBLRBLReqHandler 255:0-255:0-255:0 allow

3. our caching dns server correctly forwars and serves the queries (tested with dig from the web server)

4. listed ip's still get answered with a 200 code (i've thought mod_httpbl would answer with a 403!?)

5 even after defining VERBOSITY with APLOG_DEBUG in the source code nothing is logged in HTTPBLLogDir nor in HTTPBLReposDir

do i miss something obvious?

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