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 Using http:BL
Author: H.User1325   (4 Sep 12 9:23am)
I have 2 places on a website I support where comment can be made, one for the site in general and one connected to a newsletter.

A month or so ago I added a http:BL call to the script processing those comments, just dumping the results back to me in an email so I could see "who" was giving me all these great drug offers. <g> Really a low level of traffic, about one a day, 43 last month.

Yesterday I added a dnsbl query to the front end, before displaying the comment form/screen. Got my first rejection last night, a comment spammer I have seen several times, threat score of 65.


Wonder what they thought of the new 403.6 return status?

In the spirit of 'Give a math guy 2 or more data points and he wants to draw a graph,' now do I want to add the info to a database for easier analysis? Decisions decisions.

 Re: Using http:BL
Author: H.User1325   (19 Sep 12 2:26pm)
An added benefit of returning a 403.6 rejection status is that in addition to not getting the comment spam, the spammers stop coming by.

As I said, 43 spam last month, only 5 rejections early this month. I guess spammers are trainable, who would have known. A "frequent flyer" got 2 rejections early this month and then must have taken me off their list.

Life is good.
 Re: Using http:BL
Author: E.Langheinrich   (20 Sep 12 9:47am)
Glad to hear http:BL is helping. Keep up the good fight.

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