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 How to verify the auth key
Author: R.Woolley2   (5 Aug 12 11:53pm)
I just can't find this option anywhere in the API docs; but then I am visually impaired!

Anyhoo, I am setting up an admin function in my perl script via which the Honeypot feature can be activated... the program has been publicly available for years.

But nowhere can I find an API call which can be used to display whether the auth key and therefore HP account is correct and active (for the admin interface).

Looking back at Akismet it does have a "verify-key" call which can be used for that purpose. Have I missed it for Honeypot?

MOST Interestingly when I try some IP#s including the API test #s using a WRONG AUTH KEY tests still appear to respond as if OK.

The answer would be most appreciated.

 Re: How to verify the auth key
Author: H.User1325   (7 Aug 12 6:41am)
What is a "WRONG AUTH KEY"? -- Oh you mean not your Auth key. Being the key would appear to be a "random" string, I assume you tried a string not you key - and "it worked." You have no way of knowing if the string you tried is a valid key assigned to someone else or is in fact an invalid (un-asigned) key.

When you login to HP, on the HOME/dashboard page, near the top left corner you will see "Your Stats:" The first line under that is: "Your http:BL API key:" There is your authorized key.

By implication, if you see the http:BL API key there, it is current and active.

Just as a point of reference under http:BL usage it states "Generating non-assigned keys, not including a key in DNS queries, and sharing keys with other members or non-members are all violations of the Terms of Service." You may have overlooked that line.


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 Re: How to verify the auth key
Author: R.Woolley2   (10 Aug 12 11:48pm)
A little condescending and arrogant don't you think!

If a developer wants to add Honeypot to an admin interface for users of his/her program then a real time test on the interface for the data entered or later viewed in their Honeypot setup is perfectly normal and common (common to other decent services of any sort at least).

So you in your smart a...d way have just decided the issue... not to recommend Honeypot and to stick with the likes of Akismet.

And your TOS comment is really stupid and just downright irrelevant.

Thank you and no regards.

PS With the lack of any insightful news on ipv6 processing Honeypot will become a spammers dream. Guess all round it's a case of grab the money and run!!
 Re: How to verify the auth key
Author: H.User1325   (12 Aug 12 8:23pm)
Sorry you feel that way. I'm just a user so you shouldn't judge the project by my comments, or perceived attitude.

Anyway the services are working fine for me. But that is why there are several services available in the marketplace, everyone has different views and needs.

Oh well. Lou

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